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Luther Place Adult Education Hours

  • October 4, 2016

    Sundays at 9:15 A.M. 

    Religious institutions have a powerful role to play in their communities, addressing pressing issues from poverty and injustice to planning and traffic. Throughout history sacred spaces have also served an important function as public spaces, essential to the overall life of the community. Sacred places have much to teach us about the profound ways that people connect with and gather in public, and ultimately how communities can collectively share experiences and emotions.

    Local & National – A study on place

    Oct. 9th– What is the importance of place? What is the connection between the church and it’s neighborhood? How can the church be a place making and community making institution? We will be engaging a multi-week bible study on place and hospitality. We will have guests from Norwood Cooperative & their new childcare cooperative.

    Oct. 16th– What is the importance of place? How are churches across the city engaging their neighbors, creating community, and building power to effect change? We will have a guest from the Washington Interfaith Network lead us in bible study and share with us about current campaigns.

    Global – Discussion of Immigration & UN Goals 

    Oct. 23rd– Immigration – see if we can get a lawyer who works in immigration to come talk about challenges facing undocumented DC residents and the possibility for immigration reform.

    Oct. 30th– Sessions on the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It would introduce the new social and environmental goals agreed upon in September 2015. The sessions would show how the new goals build on previous goals and suggests that the goals are a spiritual calling.

    Nov. 13th and Nov. 20th– Sessions develop the notion of spiritual calling more fully, and show how a congregation might choose, and begin to take action toward, helping implement one or more of the goals.

    Three Week Session in Advent on grief with Nancy White

    Nov. 27th Grief Session 1

    Dec. 11th Grief Session 2

    Dec. 18th Grief Session 3




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