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Nominate for the Rev. John Steinbruck Leadership Award!

  • May 2, 2016

    Do you know a leader who is making a real difference in their community? We are lucky enough to be presenting the first annual Rev. John Steinbruck Leadership Award to honor our namesake pastor, the Rev. Dr. John Steinbruck of Luther Place Memorial Church.

    He spent 27 years as one of Washington’s most forceful and most effective advocates for people experiencing homelessness and poverty in Washington, DC. When Rev. Steinbruck came to Washington in 1970 as pastor of Luther Place Memorial Church, the neighborhood surrounding the church was filled with the fruits of racism and divestment, abandoned buildings, drug dealers and prostitution, and an increasing homeless crisis. Instead of barricading his church from its surroundings, he opened its doors to the community.

    The hallmarks of his ministry included creating holy imagination for what the church can be and bold action in the faces of indifferent institutional and societal forces. In a time when many churches and pastors were headed for the suburbs, it was in the city that Steinbruck found his true calling, confronting the effects of racism, discrimination, homelessness, economic inequality, and the injustices of American society. Pastor John and his wife Erna had a commitment to asking the questions – Who are we? Why are we here? What is Jesus to be about in this place?

    The John Steinbruck Leadership Award will be awarded to an individual who demonstrates visionary leadership expressed through an ability to imagine how church can build community that acts for the sake of the world; effective leadership that leads to impact within the community; and courageous leadership marked by innovate thinking and a willingness to take risks to achieve results.

    The John Steinbruck Leadership Award is sponsored by non-profits that were born, touched, and inspired during John Steinbruck’s prophetic public ministry, including Lutheran Volunteer Corps, Luther Place Memorial Church, The Steinbruck Center, Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, and N St Village. We hope to continue to support and inspire leaders who are challenging the status quo of church and bringing the kingdom to life.

    Award amount: $2,500
    Nominations due by: July 30, 2016
    Nomination forms can be found HERE.


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