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N Street Village

N Street Village empowers homeless and low-income women to claim their highest quality of life by offering a broad spectrum of services and advocacy in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. Founded by Luther Place in 1973, this ministry has grown from offering sleeping mats on the floors of the Parish Hall during cold weather to providing temporary and permanent housing, along with comprehensive services, in the beautiful building across N Street from the Church. N Street Village serves nearly 1,400 homeless and low-income women each year and is the largest provider of women-only services for D.C.’s homeless population.

Steinbruck Center groups volunteer at N St Village in a variety of ways and there are ever evolving possibilities for service and mutual transformation. Some of our regular opportunities are:

Tour of N St Village
One of the best ways to learn about N Street Village is to visit the community. The Village Visits program provides an opportunity to tour the N Street Village flagship facility and learn about their programs. There is an opportunity to meet with the staff and potentially interact with women who are utilizing services.

Overnight at Luther Place Night Shelter
The Luther Place Night Shelter is a transitional shelter which houses 30 women at a time, located on the 4th floor of Luther Place Memorial Church. A transitional shelter, as opposed to an emergency shelter, is longer-term housing and in the case of LPNS, women can stay for 6 months to 2 ½ years. A consistent volunteer need is for overnight volunteers; volunteers arrive at 9:30 pm for an orientation, spend time with the women, help with lights out at 11 pm, and do the morning wakeup call at 6 am. Volunteers complete their service by 7:30 am. This opportunity is limited to two women or two men who are over the age of 18. 

Cook dinner for Luther Place Night Shelter
This volunteer opportunity includes prepping and serving a meal for the women of Luther Place Night Shelter. The meal is served at 7 pm. The group must provide enough food for a healthy, balanced meal for 30 people.

Activity with Luther Place Night Shelter
Do you make jewelry? Paint? Write poetry? Consider leading an evening activity for the women of LPNS. We are open to the gifts and talents of our visitors. Availability is subject to the activity schedule at LPNS.

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