Steinbruck Center at Luther Place

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Washington Interfaith Network

Luther Place is an active member of the Washington Interfaith Network (WIN), which is a member of the Industrial Areas Foundation. WIN is a broad-based, multi-racial, multi-faith, strictly non-partisan, District-wide citizens’ power organization, rooted in local congregations and associations. WIN is committed to training and developing neighborhood leaders, to addressing community issues, and to holding elected and corporate officials accountable in Washington, DC.

WIN is committed to expanding the ability of individuals, families and organizations to act on issues of concern in their communities. WIN is committed to researching local and broader issues, acting directly on those issues with decision-makers in the public and private sectors, and evaluating those actions.

Steinbruck Center groups engage the methodology of community organizing in a variety of ways, by attending a Washington Interfaith Network action, attending a workshop on the organizing cycle, or taking a tour of WIN victories around Washington, DC in housing and neighborhood investment. Depending on the status of local campaigns, there may be actions, events, or canvassing that groups can participate in.

  • Education
  • Experiential Learning
  • Direct Service
  • Critical Analysis
  • Reflection
  • Transformation