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New Space Ribbon Cutting!

  • By | February 4, 2019 | Posted in: Uncategorized

    Eighteen years ago Luther Place Memorial Church started the Steinbruck Center. Yesterday we opened the new space on the fourth floor, completing the goals set out by the committee who created this ministry in the first place. There are now 54 beds available, accessible kitchen space for multiple groups, and a new workshop room. At its conception, no one ever dreamed that the center would grow to host this many people, but come March we will be filled to capacity in both our old and new spaces. This transition allows for more people to come to DC and learn, serve, and grow from being immersed in our community. We are so thankful for all the support that helped us get here. Many hands have been at work since October clearing out what was old, building those 54 new beds, painting murals, cleaning up, and helping lead us through it all. We are especially grateful to our steering committee team, and the leadership at Luther Place Memorial church for helping us succeed. Now we go back to the beginning and create new goals for the coming years. At this rate, who knows where we will be in another eighteen?



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