Steinbruck Center at Luther Place

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Service Learning Paradigm

All of our itineraries are crafted to include experiential learning components, direct service, and opportunities for reflection and critical analysis. We believe that short term immersion trips/alternative breaks can be much more than memorable voluntourism trips. Rather, they can be a powerful catalyst for a transformed world view and dedication to community change. Check out the Active Citizen Continuum.

Without reflection and direct service… educational components can be hollowly academic and can lead to cynicism and complacency with the status quo.

Without strong direct service and learning… reflection is shallow/empty, feels overly touchy feely, and provides no context or paths for effective follow-up.

Without reflection and learning… direct service is frustrating or disillusioning, can reinforce hurtful stereotypes, and can exploit the community.

Additionally, groups are required to engage the following components to help volunteers understand the context in which they are working, to process their experiences, and to be effective witnesses to the effects of gentrification.

These include:

• An initial orientation which includes rules and procedures for the Steinbruck Center, an introduction to Washington, DC, and an overview of Luther Place Memorial Church and the creation of N St Village.

• A walking tour of the Logan Circle neighborhood to get acquainted with the context of the Steinbruck Center and to begin engaging the questions of the complexities of poverty in a gentrifying neighborhood.

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  • Education
  • Experiential Learning
  • Direct Service
  • Critical Analysis
  • Reflection
  • Transformation