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Systemic Understanding of Homelessness & Poverty

This workshop teaches about poverty broadly – what is the poverty line, how many people live in poverty in the US – but also teaches specifically about poverty in Washington, DC. Washington DC is simultaneously one of the wealthiest cities with some of the highest poverty rates in the nation. How is this possible? Where do we concentrate poverty in our city, why, and what can be done?

Poverty and homelessness are both surrounded in stigma. Contrary to our cultural myth of substance abuse, me of homelessness and poverty in the nation’s capital are lack of affordable housing, lack of living wage jobs, domestic violence, under and unemployment, and lack of affordable health care.

These workshops require a 2 hour time block and is suitable for participants middle school age and up.

  • Education
  • Experiential Learning
  • Direct Service
  • Critical Analysis
  • Reflection
  • Transformation