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If you have questions not answered here, please ask!

What is the cost?

The Steinbruck Center charges $37.50 per person per night. This covers programming, accompaniment by a staff member or an intern, and the cost of your lodging. The fee is the same for groups who do not engage Steinbruck Center programming.

Do you provide financial aid?

The Steinbruck Center considers financial aid requests for groups on a case by case basis. Please contact the staff in order to find out more about the process.

Who can stay?

Groups affiliated with schools and churches are our most common guests, but we welcome groups from any faith background or affiliation. Protest groups and conference groups are also welcome. The Steinbruck Center does not make individual reservations; in order to stay at The Steinbruck Center, you must be part of a group. We do not have any age requirements, although some service sites may have age restrictions.

Does our group have to be faith-based? 
Groups do not have to be faith-based in order to stay at or participate in Steinbruck Center programming.

Do we have to participate in Steinbruck Center programming?

During your stay at The Steinbruck Center you are not required to participate in our programming or engage in service. However, we do give preference to groups engaging in our service-learning program and only accept reservations from groups that come to Washington, D.C. to participate in activities that align with The Steinbruck Center’s mission. If you have any questions regarding housing, please give us a call at 202-667-1377.

If we do participate in programming, what kind of work will I be doing at the service sites?
Groups are plugged into the communal life and ministries here at Luther Place and The Steinbruck Center. Additionally, we partner with a variety of social service organizations throughout Washington, DC. The work sites may include: homeless shelters, meal programs and food banks, and other social service agencies in the area. Some sites require more physical labor than others. More often than not, participants will be asked to be a ministry of presence for those they are serving.

If we do one of your programs, does that mean we won’t have time for sight seeing?
Our Program Coordinator will work closely with the trip leader to ensure that the group’s schedule has the right balance of structured time and free time for your group.

Where are you located?
The Steinbruck Center is a ministry of Luther Place Memorial Church. We are located at 1226 Vermont Avenue NW, Washington DC 20005. We are on Thomas Circle, at the intersection of 14th Street, M Street, Massachusetts Avenue, and Vermont Avenue, NW.

Can we arrive via public transportation?
Luther Place is within a few blocks of the McPherson Square  Metro station (serviced by the orange, blue and silver lines). We are also within walking distance of the Farragut North (red) and Mt Vernon Square (yellow and green) Metro stations. Luther Place is convenient to several Metrobus lines: 52, 53, 54, G2, S1, S2, S4, and any of the many lines that serve K and H Streets, such as the D6, 32, 34, and 36. If you are taking the DC Circulator, you can take these two lines: Woodley Park-Adams Morgan-McPherson Square and Georgetown-Union Station. To plan your trip online, please visit or

Is parking available?

Unfortunately, Luther Place Memorial Church and The Steinbruck Center cannot provide parking for groups that are staying with us. We encourage groups who are flying to Washington DC to take public transportation from the airports. Groups who are driving should consider parking fees when budgeting and planning for their trips.

How do we get around DC while we are there?
We suggest our groups use the subway system or ride the buses. Metro information can be found at Week-long groups usually spend between $15 and $20 per person on metro fares, depending on their service sites and site seeing plans. The Steinbruck Center is able to provide your group with a reloadable SmarTrip card for each member of your group, but individual groups are responsible for the costs associated with their transportation.

What is your facility like?
The Steinbruck Center is located on the fourth floor of Luther Place Memorial Church. Our hostel accommodations are analogous to shelter-type community living. We encourage groups to view this lodging as an opportunity to understand a little more about community life and shared space. This is a temporary transition to simple living in a shared space, a hostel (not a hotel).

We have three bunk rooms with 18 beds in each. We have a small kitchen and dining area for groups to utilize. We have non-gendered restrooms and showers.

Do you have Wi-Fi?
Yes, groups will have the ability to connect to the Luther Place Wi-Fi

Will there be a staff member on-site?
Steinbruck Center staff does not live on site. Regardless, your group will also be given emergency contact information for a staff member.

How do I make a reservation?
Please fill out a reservation inquiry form. You will then be contacted by a Steinbruck Center staff member by phone in order to make your reservation. Reservations are not considered final until we receive a deposit in the amount of 50% of your total stay.


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