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Middle & High School Groups

Poverty USA: 6th – 12th Grade
A multi-lesson tool-kit to develop a deeper understanding of the daily challenges faced by those living in poverty – and how to bring attention to the need for lasting solutions to the problems of poverty in the United States.

Teaching Tolerance, A Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center

Poetry for Home
In these classroom activities, elementary students will use poetry to discuss their feelings about their homes, and middle and high school students will ponder poetry that speaks about eviction and homeless families.

Issues of Poverty
The lessons aim to help students understand that poverty is systemic, rooted in economics, politics and discrimination. Second, the lessons provide evidence to show that poverty, far from being random, disproportionately affects Americans who have traditionally experienced oppression—African Americans, Latinos, immigrants and children.



  • Education
  • Experiential Learning
  • Direct Service
  • Critical Analysis
  • Reflection
  • Transformation